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Things to keep in mind when applying for a work visa

Now that you have made up your mind to shift abroad and sprinkle your charm of professionalism, it is time that you start preparing for stuff that is mandatory before you actually shift. One of them is getting a work visa which is not a hard nut to crack. How does one go about applying for a work visa? The guide to seamlessly and smoothly get your work visa is here.
First and foremost, you must have an employer. It is unlikely that without even having a job/ work will you apply for a work visa. E-2 investor visa and EB-5 green card visa don't require you to have an employer but other such as H1-B, L-1 or O-1 require you have a job in the nation for which you are applying the visa for. Make sure you only perform and employ yourself in fields that are permitted under your visa category. Keep all the documents ready if you are applying online.
Visas such as H2-A and H2-B are short-term work visas majorly in the context of the USA, that last for contractual periods. Hence, be careful that you don't break the deadlines or else it might lead your permanent disqualification for a permanent visa.
If your work visa is about to expire, make sure you renew it and intimate your employer regarding it before time. Also, if you plan to resign from your engagement of work, it is, then, mandatory and quite necessary for you to return to your native country within seven days.
There is a predefined eligibility criterion to be met before you apply for a work visa. You must not have a record of any criminal activities prior to the application. You have to prove that you will not take any other work apart from the one you are employed in and will immediately leave the nation after the work is done, or you resign, or the visa expires.
Don't forget to keep all the academic and professional documents including the offer letter, letter of reference, or any other letter of a contract intact. Missing documents can lead to disqualification of the application. Apart from this, if you fail to meet the immigration requirements of the nation, then the visa application can again be denied. You have to prove, using your financial documents that you are sound enough to survive in the nation.
For adverse situations, it is suggested that you put yourself in contact with an attorney or at least choose an employer who has one. Applying for a work visa is a complicated process and it better safe than to be sorry.

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