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IELTS vs PTE: Which one should you choose?

Most of us dream to obtain a higher education from a top international university. The opportunity post-studies are immense and so is the exposure. Other than good grades and excellent recommendations, you also need good scores in the Englishnlanguage proficiency test. The English language proficiency tests are designed for those students who belong to countries which are not a native speaker of English. Scoring a good point is extremely crucial if you want to attend top schools.
But there are so many English language proficiency tests available. From TOEFL to IELTS, then PTE. It may leave anyone confused. But you nned to know to what is the ideal preference of the university where you are applying. The language tests also differs from country to country. For UK universities, IELTS is the suitable choice. For Australia, it is PTE. There are universities which are comfortable with any sort of English language proficiency tests. What should be your next step? How will you choose? Here are some paradigms which will help you to choose between two of the competitive language tests: IELTS and PTE:
# Credibilty of institutions Both PTE and IELTS Academic tests are run credible institutions. IELTS is jointly run by Cambridge Assessment English and British Council. While PTE is run by the British international publishing and education conglomerate Pearson PLC which holds the reputation of being the world's top learning company.
# Acceptance of Test scores The test scores of IELTs and PTE are accepted for study and migration purposes. IELTs is suitable for UK, USA, Canadian governments and institutions. PTE scores are accepted in Yale, Harvard Business school and INSEAD. It is alao suitable for visa requirements in Australia and New Zealand. But IELTS scores have a wider acceptance at more than 1000 universities worldwide.
# Test format PTE is taken on computerized format. You may need to type answers or just click on the options. It depends on the question. IELTS is taken on pen and paper. If you have slow typing speed, IELTS is more suitable. But if your handwriting is bad go for PTE. Both depends on individual choices.
# Structure IELTS comprises of four sections- Reading and writing (60 mins each), listening (30mins). Speaking (11-14 mins). The total time taken to complete IELTS is 2 hours 45 mins.The speaking test is normally done on a different day. PTE has three main sections- Speaking and writinng(77 -93 mins), Reading (32-41 mins), Listening (45-57 mins). The entire test is completed in one sitting of 3 hour. The convinience factor of the sitting of PTE trumps as IELTS may not be completed within one day.
# REsults IELTS results are produced 13 days after taking the test. The test results are either posted or taken in person. PTE results are published much quickly within a span of five days as the test is computerized.
# Refund and cancellation Both PTE and IELTS are expensive. It really pinches the pocket to give these tests. But what if circumstances arise that stops you from giving the test, especially if its caused by illness. One may have to postpone or cancel the tests. Both PTE and IELTS allows you to do this but charges a fee. For IELTs, you are allowed to postpone or cancel your test date atleast five week prior to your original test dates. A deduction of 25% of your test fee is made. Supporting documents such as medical certificate is needed for refund of fees. PTE allows partial refunding of test fees prior to cancellation or postponement within seven days prior to the original test date. PTE shows more flexibility in cancellation or rescheduling of tests.
#Easy Vs Difficult The big question that comes during any test- which one is easier? Both the tests have equivalence in terms of scoring and questions do overlap. But certain sections of one test may be difficult than same section of another test. THe writing section of IELTS demands very high standard of English. Most people find it difficult to score in this section. In case of PTE, the reading section is a quite struggle. The speaking section for both the test differs ass for IELTS you speak with a human being , while in PTE, the speaking is done with a computer. The listening section for both tests are similar in level. Both IELTS and PTE have become competiitve. IT needs a lot of practice to crack both the exams. Before sitting for any of them, look at the country or the institute's requirement. Also giving regular mocks is a good habit as you get familiar with the exam.

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