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IELTS vs TOEFL: 6 factors to choose the right test for you

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) have become the two most accepted exams for testing English Skills around the globe. Both have their pros and cons and are suitable for different conditions and aspirations. This makes it significant to understand how important it is to have a sense of which exam to take and when and what is the purpose for the same. This will not only clear your understanding but will also help you plan your future accordingly. There are a few factors to keep in mind to choose the right exam for you.
1. At which school do you want to study?
The first and foremost thing before deciding which exam to take is to plan and decide which school you want to study in and what course. IELTS is more acceptable in European universities and TOEFL in North American. Make sure you have a plan of which course or university you have to study in because sometimes a particular university may ask you to take both the exams.
2. Your Style and Exam-Style
Both the exams have 4 sections namely- reading, writing, speaking, listening. Any of the exams may have a certain section, for e.g. reading difficult or different from what your style is. So, taking an exam that suits your style will favour your candidature and the probability of you getting selected will automatically increase apart from the comfort you will have in studying.
3. Typing Speed
IELTS is handwritten so not to worry but TOEFL is online. Hence, if you are slow at typing you can be at a disadvantage while appearing for TOEFL. Typing is a factor that has the potential to be improved but unless you really believe or master it can land you in hot water.
4.Availability of test centres
TOEFL is conducted at 4,500 centres in 165 countries, whereas the IELTS exam is available in 1,100 centres across 140 countries. Going by this, it clearly is easier and feasible to sit for TOEFL. The more centres you have better planning can you do.r
5.Time Duration
IELTS is a 2 hour 45 min exam whereas TOEFL is a four and a half hours long exam. If you are someone with the minimal capacity to sit for an exam then probably you are not a right fit for TOEFL. But again if your passion drives you to do whatever it takes then go ahead, TOEFL it is.
6. What type of English do you speak?
If you speak British English then you should prefer IELTS but if you speak American English then take TOEFL. It is also dependent upon the region as aforementioned. So it is better and advisable yo select an exam based on your speaking style. The will provide you with an edge to pursue the course.

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